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What is it about zombies?

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Zombies have always been a part of our culture, but not nearly as much as recent years. Games and movies like Call of Duty and The Walking Dead have brought zombies into our homes to stay. 

Many other people believe that the zombie apocalypse may actually happen. Even the CDC has a report on what to do during a zombie outbreak. Zombies are here to stay, but that doesn't mean your have to be unprepared. There are many different thought about what makes for the best zombie weapon and tactics for defense. Here at Swords.net, we say anything is better than nothing! We carry a wide selection of zombie gear to keep you alive during a zombie apocalypse.

Best Zombie Weapons

1. A Machete - Nothing is better for clearing brush and zombie heads than a good old fashion machete

2. A sword - Guns run out of bullets, swords never run out of ammo!

3. An axe - Very good for getting in locked doors and of course, turning that zombie into meat.

4. Throwing knives - Depending on your skill level with throwing a blade, this is debatable. ;)

5. Fixed Blade Knife - Need this for the strength to get through a zombie skull

6. Folding knife - Last resort...

At Swords.net, we carry a wide variety of Zombie swords, knives, machetes and other gear.

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