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What does Battle Ready Mean?

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The term Battle ready is a phrase used by sword enthusiasts when talking about functional swords. Battle ready means a sword is made to be functional, meaning made to be used for its intended purpose. A functional or "battle ready" sword usually has some distinct characteristics. Refer to the list below:

A Battle Ready Sword usually has all of the following:

  1. A carbon steel blade (stainless steel is too brittle)
  2. Heat treated (tempered) blade
  3. Full Tang - Means the blade goes straight through the handle
  4. Constructed properly - Handle and all parts are made to deal with the rigors of cutting

At Swords.net, we have conveniently added this term to all swords and their descriptions so you know what your are buying. Battle ready does not mean indestructible. Battle ready swords are made to withstand things like cutting approved mediums and general practice. If you think you are going to cut down a tree with a sword, you would be better off getting an axe, as swords were not made to cut things like wood, metal, tree branches, rose bushes etc...

Decorative swords are the opposite of battle ready swords as they generally look more impressive, but are not meant to be used. The other great thing about decorative swords VS battle ready is they usually require no maintenance as they are made of stainless steel. Any sword not listed on our site as battle ready is in the decorative type.

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