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Sword Brands

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Just like clothes and any other type of consumer good, swords have brands too! While there might not be as many sword brands as there are for most other product lines, they might just be more important.

Hanwei Brand Swords     Cold Steel Swords   http://www.swords.net/brands/Ten-Ryu.html  Legacy arms swords

Just like other products swords have different manufacturers. Some choose to make a brand name out of their product to make it easier for people to gauge the quality of there sword lines. In many cases, a lot of these swords come from the same exact forge. Most of the time, a brand name is given to differentiate the quality of each line of sword produced.

For example, Ryumon swords all have 1060 carbon or above steel used in their blades and are differentially hardened, while Ten Ryu are usually 1045-1060 and are MOSTLY through hardened. Both are quality swords, but there is a big difference in THE quality as well as the price.

Hanwei is a brand of swords that covers almost the entire spectrum of classes. Each sword is hand forged and uses 1060 or above carbon content in all of their blades. They also make a huge variety of swords and do not just stick to Japanese or European style blades. Their swords run the cost range from about 200 dollars for a practical series sword all the way up into the thousands for an L6 or folded steel blade.

Cold steel is a brand name that is synonymous with tough and sharp swords. All cold steel blades are through hardened out of various high carbon steels and therefore are able to take a beating. They also produce a wide variety of swords from Japanese to European and even some really cool ones.

Legacy arms is another sword brand who is known for making tough swords, but unlike many other brands, they only produce European and western style blades. All Legacy arms blades are made of tough high carbon steel and heat treated.

There are many other sword brands out there, but we are sure you get the idea. Each brand of swords will have their own quality standards and price points; just like any other product on the market.

Have a favorite sword brand? Show love for it in the comments below!

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