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We have a 30 day return policy. If you do not like your product, you may return it to us within 30 days. You may choose to exchange your item for a different item, the same item, or you may choose to be refunded (minus any shipping charges) . At no time will shipping charges be refunded for any reason. If you want a cash refund or charges put back on your credit card, there will be a 20% restocking fee. Since all of our shipping is free, you will also be refunded what we were charged for shipping the product. Please allow 2-3 weeks for the charges to return on your statement. If you need to return an item that was received damaged, please contact us within 1-3 days for further assistance. Any wholesale or discounted status used at the time of purchase can only be issued store credit, No exceptions. If you sent us a check or money order as your payment, we can only issue store credit.
At no time will we accept a return of used merchandise or merchandise that is missing its accessories or packaging.

To start the return process, please follow the directions below. These directions MUST be followed to ensure your item(s) reach us. We will not be responsible for items sent back without without following directions. Any "refused" shipment will be subject to the restocking fee.

A loose saya or tsuba is not considered to be a "defect" and is considered to be regular maintenance. If your saya or tsuba becomes loose, please contact us and we will walk you through the proper way to get your saya or tsuba tight as new.

You must also understand that the less expensive the item, the more apt it is to come with minute defects. This is to be expected in buying very inexpensive swords and daggers and will not warrant us to pay return shipping charges. You may return the item if you are not happy with its looks, but you will be subject to our standard return policy.
Return directions:

1. Package your item(s) back in their original packaging. Everything that you received with any given item you are returning MUST be included in the return. (Box, packing materials, stands etc) We package items well for shipment to our customers and we expect you will do the same. Do not send an item back in just its original packaging. Use the same or a new outer carton (if needed) to ship the items back. DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THE ITEM(S) PACKAGING!

2. Include a note explaining exactly what you would like us to do with your item. You can receive store credit (which can be used anytime), you can choose a refund minus any shipping charges and restocking fee, or you can choose to exchange your item for anything on swords.net. If you choose an exchange, please include the item number as well as the price and credit card info if the item is more expensive than the items being returned. If the item is less, we will credit the remainder to the card used for the order minus the restocking fee. New shipping charges will be incurred for any exchange and they will be paid by the customer.

3. Contact us either via phone or via our contact us page. Give us your order number and the item(s) your would like to return. You will then receive an RMA with instructions via email.