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Proper Way To Display a Sword

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The proper way to display a sword depends on many factors. What KIND of sword is it? Medieval? Japanese? Well, we are here to help show you the proper way to display katana, medieval or any other kind of sword.

How to display a katana

Vertical Katana Stand

How you wish to display your katana depends on how authentic or traditional you wish to get. There are many different types of display stands such as upright, table, and floor stands. There are also sword hangers, which show off your swords, but keep them out of the way. How you put the katana on these displays is a different matter altogether. 

You may display a katana out of the saya on a two sword stand with the saya below it. Typically this would be the display if your nation is at war. If you choose this type of stand or hanger, (horizontal) you might also want to pay attention to the handle orientation. 

Displaying your katana with the handle to the left shows that you are not hostile. The reason being is because you would normally not draw the katana with your left hand.

Displaying the katana with the handle to the right, well, you can probably guess what that means...

The vertical type of katana stand (shown above) is actually showing the wrong way. The handle side should be down, and the edge should be facing the stand if you want to be as authentic as possible.

How to display a medieval or other type sword

There is really no right or wrong way to display a medieval sword, but due to their size you want to make sure they are secure. The best way to display a medieval sword is to hang it on your wall. Many medieval style swords can be hung on a wood plaque that has hooks or you can even buy hangers that have the ability to hold the sword horizontally or vertically.

How do you display your swords? Let us know in the comments below!

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