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Giving a Sword as a Gift

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Some people may wonder, is giving a sword as a gift weird? Swords make for the ultimate gift for someone that is either a martial artist or just loves cold steel. Giving the gift of a sword to someone special is so much more than just clothes or other junk.

Take the Samurai for example. To a Samurai, their sword was a family member and was even thought of as having a soul. Know a modern day Samurai? Give them a Samurai sword as a gift.

Medieval warriors defended their homes and lives of their families with their swords. Some people today would rather rely on a sword for home protection as they never run out of ammo. Medieval swords are a great gift  for the modern day warrior.

For the modern day Ninja, well of course they need swords too, but you will never be able to find them to give it to them!

So in conclusion, giving the gift of swords is the ultimate prize. try it, and watch that special someone be so surprised!

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