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What is a shirasaya?

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Shirasaya Sword

A Shirasaya is basically a Japanese blade in a wood holder. The handle is just plain wood (typically with one menuki) with no wrap, tsuba or other furniture, and a saya made as normally would be. 

A shirasaya was used when a Samurai's sword was not in use. The construction allowed the sword to be stored and protected better from the elements as the configuration created a tighter seal without the tsuba. 

Today, shirasaya are great for those who wish to build a sword  to their own liking. Owners can add their own tsuba, tsuka, menuki, ETC... essentially making the sword their own.

Shirasaya also make for a great Japanese decor piece as they were traditionally found in many Japanese homes.

At Swords.net, we carry many Shirasaya Swords both for decoration and custom sword projects.

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