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Samurai Katana Sword Parts

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Ever wonder what a tsuba is? How about a kashira? In this article, we break down the names of Samurai katana sword parts for you. (Includes pictures!) There are MANY more terms related to the katana sword, but we are focusing on the main ones you may run into.

Samurai Sword Parts

Simple list and explanation:

Tsuba: Pronounced (Soo-bah) Guard of the Samurai sword

Habaki: Pronounced (ha-ba-kee) Blade collar usually made of brass

Tsuka: Pronounced (Soo-kah) Handle of the Samurai sword

Ito: Pronounced (ee-to) Handle wrap on a Samurai sword. Usually cotton or silk.

Mune: Pronounced (myoo-nay) Back of the blade opposite of cutting edge

Ha: Pronounced as shown - Cutting edge of a Samurai sword

Kashira: Pronounced (Ka-shee-ra) End cap on the handle of a Samurai sword

Kissaki: Pronounced (Kee-sah-kee) Cutting tip of the Samurai sword

Fuchi: Pronounced (Foo-chi) Handle collar

Saya: Pronounced (sai-yah) Scabbard for Samurai sword

Sageo: Pronounced (Sah-gay-o) Wrap that is traditionally wrapped in knots on the saya. Used to secure saya to Samurai's belt (obi).

Picture of Samurai Katana Sword Parts

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