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Real Swords

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Many times we will be asked "Are the swords you sell REAL?". Well that all depends on what your take on a real sword is. Most times, we are told that a real sword is made of metal and not plastic. So in this case, yes all of the swords we sell are real. 

To us, a real sword means battle ready. The difference between a "metal sword" and a real sword is use. If all you want to do is put your sword on the wall and admire it, any sword that is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes will do. If you plan on using your sword for cutting, swinging or anything else besides admiration, you would only want to look at a battle ready sword. If you do not know what battle ready means, check out our blog post: What does battle ready mean?

In short, all of the swords besides our foam swordswooden swords and larp swords are made of real metal. However, If you want a sword for anything more than display, we suggest you take a look at our battle ready swords section, they are as real as a sword gets.

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