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How movies have helped shape the sword industry

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I remember being a younger man and seeing Conan for the first time. The swords, the warriors the spectacle of it all was overwhelming. I decided right then and there I wanted to collect swords.

I am sure the world over was the same way with movies like Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, Seven Samurai and others, but to me Conan more than any other as it was one of the first to really make the sword a big part of the movie.

With many more sword movies to come out over the years, I have seen the industry change. Many top Movies and TV shows wanted to get in on the action with licensed collectibles like the Walking Dead Michonne sword. Swords like this are what make sword collecting fun and sometimes very worthwhile. Many of these swords are not made forever, and when they are gone, you will see them going for much higher than the asking price on sites like ebay. 

There is not much more of a collectible sword than when it comes from a hot movie.

The con of swords in movies is how they seem to be indestructible. They are shown cutting down trees, cutting other swords in half and even cutting cars apart. This is simply not possible and sometimes puts swords in a light they cannot hold up to in real life.

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