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Masahiro - Ten Ryu Swords?

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Ten Ryu Blade

The sword industry changes on a constant basis and with these changes, consumers sometimes get confused about what is what. This happened about a year ago when the Ten Ryu brand of swords was released. The manufacturer formerly known as Masahiro changed the name to Ten Ryu. This caused many consumers to be (unpleasently) surprised when they received a Masahiro sword in a ten ryu box. Due to the fact Ten Ryu was an unknown name and Masahiro had already established itself as a great supplier of cheap battle ready Samurai swords.

We can assure all customers that Ten Ryu was just a name change and the forged has continued to make the original "Masahiro" line as well as add some new and exciting swords to their linup.

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How movies have helped shape the sword industry

I remember being a younger man and seeing Conan for the first time. The swords, the warriors the spectacle of it all was overwhelming. I decided right then and there I wanted to collect swords.I am sure the world over was the same way with movies like Lord of the Rings, Kill Bill, Seven Samurai [...]

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What is a shirasaya?

A Shirasaya is basically a Japanese blade in a wood holder. The handle is just plain wood (typically with one menuki) with no wrap, tsuba or other furniture, and a saya made as normally would be. A shirasaya was used when a Samurai's sword was not in use. The construction allowed the sword to be stored [...]

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Types Of Swords

While there may be hundreds, maybe even thousands of types of swords throughout history, we will break down for you the main types and give you a brief description of each type.Japanese Sword TypesKatana - A katana is a Japanese sword and was considered the soul of the Samurai.Wakizashi - A wakizashi is a shorter [...]

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Real Swords

Many times we will be asked "Are the swords you sell REAL?". Well that all depends on what your take on a real sword is. Most times, we are told that a real sword is made of metal and not plastic. So in this case, yes all of the swords we sell are real. To us, [...]

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Sword Brands

Just like clothes and any other type of consumer good, swords have brands too! While there might not be as many sword brands as there are for most other product lines, they might just be more important.          Just like other products swords have different manufacturers. Some choose to make a brand [...]

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Proper Way To Display a Sword

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Best Sword Movies

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Best Sword Steel

We get asked the question, "What is the best sword steel?" very frequently. Well, the answer may surprise you.There is no "best" sword steel. The reason why sword makers use different steels is because people buy swords for many different reasons. In this post, we will show you what steels are best for different applications. Stainless SteelStainless [...]

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Giving a Sword as a Gift

Some people may wonder, is giving a sword as a gift weird? Swords make for the ultimate gift for someone that is either a martial artist or just loves cold steel. Giving the gift of a sword to someone special is so much more than just clothes or other junk.Take the Samurai for example. To [...]

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