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Best Sword Movies

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Best Sword Movies

Movies probably have a lot to do with the proliferation of the sword market, and hell, they are entertaining! At Swords.net, we grew up on sword movies and continue to see each one that comes out in the theaters. Which one is the best? Maybe you can help us decide, but here are some of our picks:

Kill Bill

Who can ever forget the first time they heard that music? Kill Bill is one of the most iconic sword movies of all time. Everyone wants to own a Hattori Hanzo sword! Well, since he isn't real, you can own the next best thing!

See our Kill Bill Swords section!

Kill Bill 2

Kill Bill Volume 2 continues this excellent sword movie with the introduction of new characters and another Hattori Hanzo sword!

Conan The Barbarian

Easily one of the greatest sword movies. The instant you see Conan's father forging his own sword, you will be hooked! An epic fantasy movie that has swords, sorcery and incredible swords!

Seven Samurai

Released in 1954 the Seven Samurai is an epic sword flick. If you have not seen this amazing movie, stop what you are doing and go watch it!

The Lord of the Rings

From the amazing mind of Tolkien and the incredible visionary Peter Jackson, the Lord of the Rings is an epic tale of Elves, Men and evil in a struggle that wages over Middle Earth. The swords in these movies are so important, many are even given their own names. Check out our selection of Lord of the Rings Swords. For lovers of swords, this trilogy of movies is not to be missed!

The Hobbit

Coming off the success of the Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit continues the tale of Middle Earth in a backwards time kinda way. Again, the swords are amazing. Check out our selection of Hobbit Swords.


Ohh, the swords of Highlander! Possibly the most recognizable swords in movie history. They showed that the katana could have a medieval flare with the addition of a dragon handle. Awesome stuff indeed!

47 Ronin

This take on the classic tale of the 47 Ronin features a fantastical tale of these historical warriors bent on revenge for the death of their master. Check out our Officially licensed 47 Ronin Swords


The 300 movie may not have been historically accurate tale of the 300 Spartans who stood against the Persian army, but it was certainly the most entertaining. "Tonight, we dine in HELL!" Check out our 300 swords, including some fully licensed battle ready versions!

Boy, that was fun!

Well, that about does it for us, what about you? What is your favorite sword movie? If we missed yours, let us know in the comments section below so we can add it to the list!

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