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About Us



About Us

Swords.net is a company that has a simple mission. Supply the world with Swords! We source the best makers and manufacturers from around the globe and build relationships with these artisans to bring you the ultimate swords collection for sale anywhere.

We carry just about every type of sword available. Our most popular seller, Samurai Swords is what we specialize in. We have hundreds of Samurai swords available at the best prices. Our other specialty, Battle Ready Swords is what we are known for. These swords are real and made just like swords WERE made back when they were needed to defend house and country. Of course, we also carry many other sword types such as Spartan, Viking, Ninja, Medieval, Fantasy and popular TV and movie swords.

At Swords.net, we are not just about customer service, but building customer relationships. Call or email us and you will find a professional, caring attitude that is willing to take the time it takes to match you up with your perfect sword at the perfect price. 

In the end, we are just like every one of you. We love swords. We are collectors and backyard cutters who appreciate a great sword at a better price.